sexta-feira, julho 17, 2009

Hola!!! I got this idea to write something to Rota's blog. So now i'm up to job....

Something about me.. My full name is Sami Iikka Johannes Enojärvi. Don't even try to pronounce it, bet you can't do it correctly :) I come from Finland, if somebody of you didn't know that. My city in Finland is called Tornio. Tornio is located almost in Lapland, just next to Swedish border. Hmm.. what else.. I'm last year university student in Humak University Of Applied Sciences. In Humak i'm doing Bachelor's degree in Civic activities and Youth Work.
My personal interests are mainly in music. Music is very important in my life, I couldn't live without it. I also play little bit bass guitar. Some other important things in my life.. friends and family, pure nature, silence, sauna, coffee (can't live without it!), freedom, summer nights, cold winters, travelling. There is lot what I could tell about me but maybe this is enough for now.

Maybe some of you wants to know why i'm working in Rota. Well, the answer is simple. I'm doing my intership here. I decided to do my intership in Rota, partly because my good friend Mikko was working here last summer and partly because it's always good opportunity to go abroad and have different kind of experience. I also wished to develop my english and learn how to work in an international enviroment. My intership includes practising in Rota and running my own project.

About time in Portugal and Cascais. I've loved being here. Half of the time is already behind. Wouldn't like to go back but I have to. Have to say it's hard to be abroad for a long time when you don't know language at all. Everything is harder than what you're used to, like shopping. I went to buy popcorns and I bought these strange sweet ones. I wanted salty. Or buying potato chips, accidentally I bought ones what taste like bacon!? It affects so much to your every day life. Luckily I've learned to buy popcorns and chips already :)

People in Rota are nice, love them all. Time is running too fast. Saudação!

- Sami

quinta-feira, julho 16, 2009

Mas afinal, o que é que se passou com o sita da Rota Jovem?

O site da Rota foi várias vezes atacado em Junho por malvados piratas informáticos. Fizemos o nosso melhor para salvar o nosso velho amigo, mas não conseguimos.

Não se preocupem porque estamos a trabalhar para criar um novo site que vai ser ainda mais bonito do que o anterior e vai ter algumas brincadeiras novas das quais vão sem dúvida gostar! Neste momento estamos a passar toda a nformação para o novo site. Por agora, pedimos alguma paciência até todas as functionalidades estarem online. Queres dar uma olhadela? Vai a