quarta-feira, abril 21, 2010

Teaser do Lip Dub

LIPDUB DA ROTA JOVEM - 27 de Junho 2010

PROCURAMOS 500 pessoas para participar!!!
Inscreve-te agora em www.rotajovem.com!!!

terça-feira, abril 20, 2010

Olá todos,

I'm Christelle and I come from pretty, pretty, tiny Belgium!
I'm graduated in Sociology and having some experience in voluntary work
I decided to do my EVS (European Voluntary Service) in Portugal.
It seemed to be the perfect opportunity to harmonize
these factors and enlarge my vision on different levels. That's how I ended up in Rota Jovem in lovely Cascais.
Here I'll try to enlighten the staff with my open-mindness, enthusiasm, kindness,
generosity, creativity but also my impatience and stubborness and my passion for (eating)
great food! :-)