sexta-feira, maio 31, 2013

Natallia, a nossa SVE na Rota Jovem! :D

Hello))) EVS-this is a chance which should be used by everyone )) Your motivation can be different, but anyway you can share your experience, learn, influence and be influenced and sometimes change your live and the lives of the others) I'm doing EVS Portugal Lisbon-Cascais) I'm volunteer in a youth organization Rota Jovem))) Better place difficult to imagine, this is one of the main organizations in Portugal, they have lots of experience of international projects. Any ideas and wishes are perceived positively, even the crazy ones, that for me was a pleasant surprise. The organization has lots of activities so even if you do not have your own ideas you can always join event and help in Rota Jovem. Mentor (your official one), I was lucky and I got attentive Portuguese girl) I must admit that the whole team Rota Jovem are great people)) If you need advice, it would sound like this: Select the country you like, choose a project that fits your interests and Go for it!! It's worth it! Warm Portuguese hugs from Natalia Hantsuk!

Lembram-se do Jason?!

Since my arrival in Portugal in September, I have experienced a cultural adventure like never before! Despite having travelled to many destinations throughout Europe, it is only once you live somewhere that you get a real feel for the culture and way of life.

My EVS project itself has helped a lot with my integration in Portugal. Working in Rota Jovem, a youth organisation in Cascais, has introduced me to so many new people through numerous activities and events. Indeed, by organising and participating in various educational, cultural and outdoor activities, I have been introduced to so many aspects of life in Portugal, and therefore very lucky to have such an "authentic" experience.

Living in Lisbon and working in Cascais has also given me the perfect lifestyle! Lisbon is an incredible city, so full of life and spirit. There is always music, art or sport on offer, and the Portuguese people have a real warmth and energy that is really contagious! And every morning I take the train along the coast to Cascais, a beautiful journey to such a beautiful coastal town!

However, the most unique aspect of my EVS experience is the living arrangement - an apartment in Lisbon with 7 other volunteers from Spain, France, Poland, Romania and Belarus! I have learnt so much about the varying cultures throughout Europe, from the languages and traditions to the food, music and drink!

So far, my EVS experience has exceeded all my expectations. My mind has been truly stretched by all that I have seen and learnt, and as Oliver Holmes once said; now it will   never go back to its old dimensions.

quinta-feira, maio 16, 2013

Vítor Pereira - Ucrânia

Fitness with Babusckas

This consists in 30/40 min of fun... This is maybe the activity that I most like, the group is around 8-10 ladies and they just want to do some exercise and most important thing to have some activity outside of their houses and to meet different people. In the begin I was doing this alone but now every time I bring more 2/3 volunteers and both parts really like it. They are very funny and friendly, one funny story is the fact that they want to find a wife for each volunteer... 

English Speaking Club School 61

This is a informal speaking club, consist into discussions of some topics like Intergeneration, Racism, Differences between West Europe and East Europe, etc. This Speaking Club was created because this kids want to improve their English and they were not liking the activities that we were doing in the classes, so we find this way to do something that the kids will like. This Speaking Club is completely volunteer so only the kids that are interesting go there.

Vitor Pereira.

 O Vitor é um sortudo mas tu também podes ter uma experiência semelhante. Ficas em casa? Informa-te como embarcar nesta aventura em!