sexta-feira, julho 07, 2017

Workcamp "Set the Party". Day 6.

It´s Mafalda and Zsofia again and it´s time to talk about Friday, another day at the “office”. Like every day, we took the bus to Trajouce, while appreciating the beautiful views of the sea.

Our main task for this day was start painting the tables, we also continued to sanding the benches and replacing the broken woods from the table and the benches. During all this process, we had to learn how to work with wood and how to drill holes.

We also had some help from the locals (children and youngsters) who became part of our team. We hope that they will have more experiences like this one and become more active in their community.
In the end of our work day we played tennis with some local children and we had a lot of fun together.

Later, we had dinner in “O Século” and after that we learned how to dance Salsa with the help of Federica and Bori. 

quinta-feira, julho 06, 2017

Workcamp "Set the Party". Day 5.

Hello friends, we are Bori and Ángel and we would like to share with your our story about our fourth workday.

First, we had our usual breakfast at the Foundation. Then, we took the bus to our workplace and started to work in order to improve the neighbourhood. During the day, a new participant arrived from Colombia, so we welcomed him.

After the delicious lunch, we got enough energy to continue working all the afternoon. Afterwards, all the people took a nap in some different places, some of us went to the beach, and others stayed in the house or went up to the balcony.

In the evening, all of us went to the terrace and we started playing funny games. Then, we came back to the living room and started to play a card game which name is “Jungle Speed”. Although we were tired, we were playing until late night.

To sum up this day we have to say that it was surprisingly good! This day gave us lots of motivation to continue the camp with a big smile!

quarta-feira, julho 05, 2017

Workcamp "Set the Party". Day 4.

Hi everybody! We are Ruslan and Antonio, and we would like to tell you about our 5th day in Workcamp.

It was full of work and activities day. On Wednesday we started to paint, everybody were involved in the work, and everything what we had to do, we did fast and on the best way. We were sanding, painting and preparing new wood for benches and tables. It was not too hard because many local people came to join us; we were helping each others and sharing our experience. After  a delicious lunch, we finished all work and went by bus to O’ Seculo.

As on this day we had to have our dinner out, we decided to arrange karaoke party in Rota Jovem. Therefore, when we came to our accommodation place we started to prepare ourselves and everything what we need for this evening. We went to buy some snacks, ordered a lot of pizza and prepared our voices for a memorable singing night.

It was great evening full of great impressions and unforgettable moments; we were singing many hits of pop-music, eating pizza and communicating with each others, we just felt ourselves as a big family. There were so many funny moments as example when we were singing songs on languages on which we do not speak; we tried to sing songs on Spanish, Italian and Portuguese.

Overall, it was unforgettable day. Which gave us many opportunities to know more about each others, become closer and to develop our singing skills.

terça-feira, julho 04, 2017

Workcamp "Set the Party". Day 3.

We are Mafalda and Zsofia, from Portugal and Hungary. Our adventure continued on Tuesday and now we will share with you how it went.

After we arrived in Trajouce, we had a meditation moment just to get ready for the rest of the day and then we organized ourselves in groups and divided tasks.

We began the work sanding the pergola, the tables and the benches in order to prepared for painting. We brought too new woods for the tables and the benches, and some new materials that we will use for the next days.

We also got to know the Portuguese food with several options for our lunch time in a local restaurant and after the dinner in « O Século», we formed some groups and we had a reflexion time with the campleaders.

Our home for these two weeks, «O Século», supports other local projects as well as different social causes. It`s a good place to return after a day of work!

segunda-feira, julho 03, 2017

Workcamp "Set the Party". Day 2.

Dear friends, we are Bori and Ruslan, and we are going to tell you how was our first working day , which was on Monday.

We started our day with breakfast and after that we went to our working place, where we were surprised with an unforgettable drum performance of local children. We were amazed by the hospitality of the local community! Then children helped us to learn how to play the drums, after a while we tried to show what we have learnt. We are really thankful for the local community for such a warm welcome! :)

After planning our work, we had a delicious lunch , which gave us a lot of power to work. We were sanding the pergola, and removing the old wooden benches and tables. It was full of work day.

When we finished our work, some of us went to discover Lisbon with Pilar, where she showed them around. The other part of the group spent their time near the ocean on Cascais’ beach, they were swimming and playing games in the water and swimming.

All in all it was a wonderful day, full of positive emotions, exciting activities, and unforgettable moments!

To be continued...

domingo, julho 02, 2017

Workcamp "Set the Party". Day 1.

Hello everybody! We’re Lara and Daniele. We’re going to talk you about our first day of this amazing experience.

First in the morning, we had breakfast and then we all went to the Auditorium. We did some activities in order to know more about each other and for team building. We played many games and we had a lot of fun. Thank you camp leaders for that!

We also thought about our expectations in this workcamp. At the same time, we talked about our fears and our obstacles. It was very useful! We were thinking as a team and then we were willing to achieve our goals :P

After the Portuguese lunch, we went to Cascais by train. There we visited Rota Jovem center where Elena was waiting for us. Then we became hunters treasure and we discovered Cascais with clues; it was a fascinating experience. We built a sandcastle in Praia da Rainha, we made a human pyramid, we even sang a Portuguese song with Portuguese people! However, it was too hot!

The final surprise was a special dinner at the Cultural Centre of Cascais, where we ate many delicious dishes. Please send us the recipes!  Fortunately there was a bus that took us to Fundação o Século because we were so full of food.

To be continued…

Daniele and Lara