quinta-feira, julho 06, 2017

Workcamp "Set the Party". Day 5.

Hello friends, we are Bori and Ángel and we would like to share with your our story about our fourth workday.

First, we had our usual breakfast at the Foundation. Then, we took the bus to our workplace and started to work in order to improve the neighbourhood. During the day, a new participant arrived from Colombia, so we welcomed him.

After the delicious lunch, we got enough energy to continue working all the afternoon. Afterwards, all the people took a nap in some different places, some of us went to the beach, and others stayed in the house or went up to the balcony.

In the evening, all of us went to the terrace and we started playing funny games. Then, we came back to the living room and started to play a card game which name is “Jungle Speed”. Although we were tired, we were playing until late night.

To sum up this day we have to say that it was surprisingly good! This day gave us lots of motivation to continue the camp with a big smile!

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