domingo, julho 02, 2017

Workcamp "Set the Party". Day 1.

Hello everybody! We’re Lara and Daniele. We’re going to talk you about our first day of this amazing experience.

First in the morning, we had breakfast and then we all went to the Auditorium. We did some activities in order to know more about each other and for team building. We played many games and we had a lot of fun. Thank you camp leaders for that!

We also thought about our expectations in this workcamp. At the same time, we talked about our fears and our obstacles. It was very useful! We were thinking as a team and then we were willing to achieve our goals :P

After the Portuguese lunch, we went to Cascais by train. There we visited Rota Jovem center where Elena was waiting for us. Then we became hunters treasure and we discovered Cascais with clues; it was a fascinating experience. We built a sandcastle in Praia da Rainha, we made a human pyramid, we even sang a Portuguese song with Portuguese people! However, it was too hot!

The final surprise was a special dinner at the Cultural Centre of Cascais, where we ate many delicious dishes. Please send us the recipes!  Fortunately there was a bus that took us to Fundação o Século because we were so full of food.

To be continued…

Daniele and Lara

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