sexta-feira, julho 07, 2017

Workcamp "Set the Party". Day 6.

It´s Mafalda and Zsofia again and it´s time to talk about Friday, another day at the “office”. Like every day, we took the bus to Trajouce, while appreciating the beautiful views of the sea.

Our main task for this day was start painting the tables, we also continued to sanding the benches and replacing the broken woods from the table and the benches. During all this process, we had to learn how to work with wood and how to drill holes.

We also had some help from the locals (children and youngsters) who became part of our team. We hope that they will have more experiences like this one and become more active in their community.
In the end of our work day we played tennis with some local children and we had a lot of fun together.

Later, we had dinner in “O Século” and after that we learned how to dance Salsa with the help of Federica and Bori. 

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