sexta-feira, maio 31, 2013

Natallia, a nossa SVE na Rota Jovem! :D

Hello))) EVS-this is a chance which should be used by everyone )) Your motivation can be different, but anyway you can share your experience, learn, influence and be influenced and sometimes change your live and the lives of the others) I'm doing EVS Portugal Lisbon-Cascais) I'm volunteer in a youth organization Rota Jovem))) Better place difficult to imagine, this is one of the main organizations in Portugal, they have lots of experience of international projects. Any ideas and wishes are perceived positively, even the crazy ones, that for me was a pleasant surprise. The organization has lots of activities so even if you do not have your own ideas you can always join event and help in Rota Jovem. Mentor (your official one), I was lucky and I got attentive Portuguese girl) I must admit that the whole team Rota Jovem are great people)) If you need advice, it would sound like this: Select the country you like, choose a project that fits your interests and Go for it!! It's worth it! Warm Portuguese hugs from Natalia Hantsuk!

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