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Montassar Tizaoui from Tunisia

I am Montassar Tizaoui from Tunisia. I am living a great volunteering experience in Lisbon. I’m hosted by Rota Jovem and I’m currently working with Associação de Actividades Sociais do Bairro 2 de Maio.

Volunteering in a foreign country and you know what is more? Is that I work with children. These three fundamental factors made of my experience such an amazing one. 

The first important factor is volunteering. One of my principles in life is to devote energy, skills and competences to help others. I strongly believe on sharing and this is what I am doing here. Everything is shared. I share the same house with colleagues. I share my energy and skills with children.

The second factor is that I spend my days with children. I take care of these children as if they were my own. I love them and they love me. I am not parent yet I feel as if I am a ‘daddy’ to so many little ones.

Each day brings new excitements. I start my day with innocent faces, we spend quality time together, and I read stories to them and see different reactions on their small faces. Although I do not speak the same language, I feel that we are all connected and we communicate well. 

I give them advices and I try to facilitate the integration of all children without exception. I know it is huge responsibility to work with children, that is why I pay attention to every single world and action. I feel the importance of contributing to the character’s building of these miniature humans. Let me give you a glance about my daily routine with my angles. Everyday morning we start by drawing or gymnastics, and then it is lunchtime. This is a challenging part of the day. I help them to eat all their food without forcing them. After eating, it is time for them to take a nap. After having a rest they eat their snacks and it is time to dance and play different games.  With their sweet company, time flies so fast. 

The third factor is that I am discovering a new country with a new culture. Lisbon is such an amazing city as it is one of the world's oldest cities. Every day I enjoy the beauty and richness of this place.

Volunteering in a European country and within the field of children care is a very rich experience. I think that I am lucky to have such an opportunity to build up myself and to promote human values. I am learning lessons every single moment and I will go back to my country with many beautiful memories. 


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