segunda-feira, novembro 15, 2010

Sejam bem-vindas ao mundo arrotante!;)

A Rota Jovem está novamente a acolher voluntários no âmbito do Programa SVE- Serviço Voluntário Europeu.

A Anja e a Alexandra (mais conhecida por Sasha!) começaram a aventura por terras lusas e pelo mundo arrotante!Espreitem e vejam quem elas são!

Anja/ Eslovenia

Artist by nature mas studied social pedagogy at university.
Searching for her perfect (read crazy) lifestyle.
Loves people and another animals, sleeping but also adrenalin sports. Has a dream to jump with parachute here in Portugal.
Likes music, reading books and using bad words to express her fillings. Hates
repeating the same things over and over again, arrogant people and cats.Has great ability to combine contradictory things. In cinco years sees herself as a happy mother, housewife and business woman/artist at the same time.

Sasha/ Russia

Crazy, funny, outgoing, smart rapariga from Russia, has passion to explore more and more each day, meet new people, see new places, loves good looking man and good wine and also people who is happy with their lives.
Studied management but after working some time in this field realized that her true passion is teaching.
Back at home is a teacher of Russian and English.
Has a strong belief that everybody has a right to be happy and the biggest task in life of each
person is find out what exactly makes one happy. Her dream is to open own language school and write a book, which will be a bestseller =)

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