segunda-feira, abril 01, 2013

Petra, Michaela e Matina - Estagiárias da República Checa

I like to know this city very much like it. Lisbon is a nice, big city, but I expected more from this city. Thus, I like the Cascais and Oieras. I also really like the coast.
I collect experiences every day, always fresh and new and still more and more. Trips were great, I met a lot of beautiful sights and I'm thrilled. The trips I have lots of photos. Natalie is a good woman's a lot of fun and well spoken English. Beautifully us to describe all the sights, palaces and castles.
Working with Irene, went by so fast, but still, I'm very fond of her. She spoke to us in English beautifully and everything we have always tried to describe, so that we understand it. She's a great woman, and I'll remember it forever. And of course, everything that you can enjoy, you'll remember forever.
This is why I want to thank you for this kindness and cheerfulness. Thank you.

I like to write you about my visit the Portugal. I think, it's nice country and also culture is very nice. 
My experiences there are extensive. The job on greenhouse with Irene was very nice and a lot of work, what I did, was interesting. Of course, transplating was boring thing, but co-workers were fine and funny. I am curious on the last week, but I think, that it will be good and weather could be fine, but prognosis reports rain.. All week will be raining... I hope, that we will anywhere under roof. Work with Irene was beautiful. She said a lot of about our job.
How I wrote on start of the letter, culture there is very nice. Once I was there, in Belem and I saw some monumets, but with Natali it was much better. I am glad that I could to be there and maybe sometime I will come back. After univerzity, of course. 
In Lisbon and in Cascais it was very nice. There are a lot of monumets, which stand on this to see them.
Have a nice day,

I would like to share my feelings of work with you.
I really liked working with Iren in greenhouse. It is very good experience to me. Now i know, how I can send oak and any else trees. Iren is very nice and good teacher. 
Anyway, trips were sooo good. Natalia is nice too. Lisabon is beautiful city but more i liked Sintra. The most I like an ocean, today Petra and me were in ocean. We enjoyed watter and sun. 

Te ja,
Martina :)

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