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Rocío: "The EVS has a very important social dimension"

Rocío arrived to Portugal four weeks ago to start her EVS project in Cabeça Gorda, a small village in the heart of Alentejo region. She spent all the month with us to have a first contact with the Portuguese culture and we tried to get to know her a bit better. Here it is what she told us.

- Tell us a bit about you.
My name is Rocío and I am from Isla Cristina, in Huelva, Spain. I am 22 years old and I am a social worker. I love working with people and I think that everyone can contribute to the social welfare and struggle to overtake injustices, so being a social worker is my way to do it. I am an engaged person, I was part of the students association in my University to inform the students about the changes in the Spanish educational system and to encourage them to mobilise and participate in assemblies and demonstrations.

-Why are you in Portugal?
I am here to do my EVS project in Cabeça Gorda, in the Alentejo, during the next eight months. When I finished my studies in the University I had lots of doubts about my future and I started to look for alternatives. I got to know the EVS through a friend and it became a real option for me. I was searching during all the summer and when I found this project, I just loved it. I am going to work mainly with kids from 2 to 6 years old, organising extracurricular activities for them.

-What are your motivations and your expectations about the project?
My main motivation is the project itself, because it is related with my field. I am interested in all the social issues and I already have a previous experience working with youngsters between 12 and 18 years old, so this is a good chance to try to repeat the good experience that I lived. I can offer all my experience in the educative field and my fresh ideas to do nice things. I think that volunteering with kids should be cheerful and comforting because they are always happy and liven up the daily routine. And it is also positive for them to spend time with the volunteers because they can get used to the values of transnational cooperation and solidarity and approach to different cultures seeing the differences and the similarities between people from various origins. I trully believe that volunteering here is going to allow me to grow personally and professionally and learn a new language, so my aptitude is completely positive! The EVS has a social dimension which matches with my interests and aspirations. Moreover, I am very fortunate with my colleague Simon, we are going to be a great team.

-Do you have any previous experience as a volunteer?
Before coming here I was volunteering in two different projects: a social dining room and a dog's home. In the dining room you can see a lot of personal dramas and it is hard. I was there from August until now and we helped around 170 people per day. My work there was advise and guide people, and I decided to do it because I realized that it was really necessary. My work in the dog house was more sporadic to help feeding the animals and cleaning their space. I think that it is good to cooperate in this kind of iniciatives, now more than never.

- What do you like and what you don't like about Portugal?
There are many things that I like about Portugal! I love Lisbon, specially the architecture, with a lot of charming colourful buildings, and the gastronomy, which is great! I love the environment in the city, the melancholic but very lively aesthetic, the smell of sweets and chestnuts and the tramway. Portuguese people are very nice and much more polite and respectful than Spaniards, but also a bit more serious.

- What do you like to do in your free time?
When I have free time, I like reading. My favourite book is El rayo que no cesa, by Miguel Hernández and actually I love reading poetry thanks to him. I also like going out with my friends, watching movies (Edward Scissorhands, by Tim Burton, is my favourite one), running and travelling to discover new places. I also love animals, specially dogs, and music. My favourite song is Bellas, by Canteca de Macao, I strongly recommend it!

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