terça-feira, abril 19, 2016

Youth Exchange - Increase your Employability in Lithuania (9th-17th April)

Between 9th and 17th April was held an youth exchange in Lithuania about employability funded by the Erasmus + European Programme.

The Youth Organization Rota Jovem was there with 6 participants: Ana, Sophia, Maria, Tiago, Rafaela and the group leader Patricia.

In Daugirdiškės village we were welcomed by the organization “Institute for Policy Research and Analysis” which brought together 36 participants from Portugal, Poland, Ireland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

During the exchange we worked on themes like "Personal Branding", "Arts and Crafts" and "Entrepreneurship" "Marketing", "Soft Skills", "Curriculum", based on non-formal education.
Various workshops were properly planned before the exchange by the partner countries and their participants. This allowed simultaneously that participants develop very important skills for employability such as communication, planning, leadership, teamwork and foreign language.
In a multidisciplinary and intercultural environment there was still opportunity to visit Vilnius and Trakay.
These exchanges are undoubtedly a great opportunity for the participants to develop their skills and competences and also to share their own country's culture and at a same time experiencing an European context.

Se here the presentation in Prezi about Soft Skills 

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