quarta-feira, fevereiro 18, 2015

Carimbo Internacional: Martina

Nome: Martina Silingardi
Idade: 23 anos
Proveniência: Itália

My name is Martina and I am a twenty-three years old girl. 

My home is in Italy, but for two weeks now i'm living in Portugal, more precisely in Parede. And what does an italian girl used  to foggy weather and the Po valley, in a village on the Atlantic ocean??

Few months ago I stumbled upon a project sponsored by my municipality, the project called Leonardo Da Vinci TILE offered its participants an experience abroad for a period of three months with the possibility to learn the local language and be entered in a reality 'of the working place. Interested by the idea, recently graduated in science of education and without a stable occupation I decided to throw myself, I enrolled in the announcement and after four months here I am!!

When they told me that I would go to Portugal I have to admit, I was puzzled, because I did not have much information about it, especially about its language. But then looking on internet, reading guides and articles, talking to people who already stayed here, I started to get an idea of what was waiting for me and the day of departure I was really looking forward to arriving. 

After an initial period of adaptation, the first gaffe with the portuguese and the first washing machines,I started exploring this "new home": turning to Lisbon and Cascais is surprising how many similarities this country has with Italy and at the same time how many things has to offer to those who like me are in search of news and want to enjoy a different culture with different colors, flavors and people. 

Also finished the language course, now is the time of the internship, which partly takes place here in Rota Jovem and partly in another project called Orienta.te. 
And another good thing about this project is that it gives me the opportunity both to get in touch with a socio-educational contest,stayed connected to my previous course of study and continue to enrich it with new skills, both to broaden my training and professional horizon also working in a contest more linked to communication and more inherent with the mission of the Leonardo Project.

So even if I occasionally miss Modena, my friends or tortellini's grandma I'm really happy to be here and to have decided to take this experience, hoping to bring home many memories, faces, new knowledge to add to my luggage, but also a new part of me!

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