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Diário de Bordo: Passaporte da Voluntária


          Nome: Camille Hoebanx
          Origem: Bélgica 

My name is Camille, I'm 26 years old and I'm from Belgium. I am doing an EVS here in Lisbon with ALEM. I will stay here till July. I am going to work with children, giving them art workshop and helping the teachers with theirs tasks. I'll work also with disabled people, in art workshop and dance workshop. My main job will take place in an highschool. We are going to try to make a blog and a newspapers with the teenagers having as main thematic the human rights, for me it's quite challenging to work with teenagers, I really think that with patience and motivation we could be able to do very nice stuff with them.

 It has take some time to start our projects, we had to be patient, but now the machine has been set in motion and the story of my work's adventure will be for another chapter.

Let's start from the very beginning.
October, 7th, I arrived in Lisbon airport and hours after hours others, at that time unknowed faces, were arriving too. Teresa was waiting for us.

We discovered the house that would be ours for one year, and of course we discovered the faces of those who were going to be part of our daily life for one year.
Even if we all wanted to come here to do a voluntary service, it didn't mean that we were going to get along well. But, actually, in a very short time, I started to feel like at home and to appreciate different little things about each of my new roomates who will become not just roomates but friends.

The first month, we explored the city and the surroundings. We enjoyed the beach in Cascais, visit Sintra, Belem and start to get use to the metro « linha vermelha », you always have to begin with something...
My first impressions of Lisbon were, I think like everyone can feel about it. Beautiful and charming city, beautiful light, fado place, very nice facades,...

It's difficult to tell you my impressions now because I don't feel like a turist anymore, but I don't feel the city as mine neither. But I know it will come with the time...

I already feel like it's quite small, you always meet people you know, it's like feeling like in a town being in a capital, it remembers me Brussels and I think I like it, maybe because I grew up in the countryside...
To conclude, this beginning, in the end, promises a lot of new experiences, encounters, and nice stuff to be remembered after.

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