quarta-feira, outubro 29, 2014

Regresso da Inês a Portugal! - SVE na Lituânia

Lembras-te da Inês?  O seu projeto na Lituânia está a terminar mas para todos os efeitos, continua a deixar marca!:"Estou quase a terminar o projeto, mas estou ainda a fazer coisas importantes. Envio as fotografias com o resultado da minha exposição e a explicação da mesma. Estas fotografias são em Kaisiadorys, mas esta semana já fui a Vilnius e na quarta-feira vou fazer em Kaunas. Na sexta-feira já vou estar em Portugal :)"

Interactive Exhibition "Playing with Art

When we think about an Art Exhibition, we imagine paintings, photos or sculptures with the warning "Don't touch!”. However, this idea has been changing. The Contemporary Art brought new ways to get closer to the public and to pass the intended message.

The exhibition "Playing with Art" has the goal to show in a simple way how the public can participate and get involved with Art.  

This exposition was done for a specific group of disabled people to create a relaxing and funny environment, transforming the work arts into games. The first public sample was in the Social Center of Kaisiadorys, 14th October 2014.  Indeed, we could experience a healthy environment with satisfaction and joy.

Entering in the room it was possible to see a river full of colorful fishes, birds around, butterflies, and paintings. In the first moment, people were a bit reticent of getting closer but when it was explained that there were games hidden, the enthusiasm was general. They could search fishes in the middle of the river; there was also the possibility of fishing them. They even discovered that with the birds around they could make sounds.

Over the river following a rout of print steps they found a cat sleeping, unfortunately there were mice near annoying. The solution was to take the ball of whole of the cat and to play bowling to scare the mice. Each person had to put down the maximum number of mice.

Finally there were paintings with lost pieces that they had to associate to the place in the paintings.

This interactivity with the exhibition promoted relaxation, entertainment; it stimulated not only the vision, but the tact, the earing, the balance, the concentration, the curiosity, the sense of discovery and it brought more motivation to learn and to do the different games."

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