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5 Amazing Animation Movies!

Animation for me is the closest way to escape reality and wake up the little girl inside me. Simple happiness as it is with magic all around!

I choose 5 animation movies, which touched my heart deeply with story, picture, characters and philosophical context. Huge work and talent made these movies live and become real masterpieces.

Song of the sea
Tomm Moore

The story is based on the irish legend of the Selkies, and tells about the last sealgirl Saoirse and her older brother Ben. They go to the journey of saving the magic world, discovering themselves and secrets of the past.

This animation movie is full of love and tenderness, after watching it I couldn't stop smiling! The beauty of the “Song of the sea” is impressive – colors, style, paintings of the nature, magical creatures and characters – every detail makes it the most beautiful movie I've seen recently.

I think it is very important that people still find new ways to tell about basic important things like family relationships and carrying about closest people, the art of saying sorry and letting go, understanding and love.

This is kind of movie I will show to my kids some day for sure!

Adrià García, Victor Maldonado

Have you ever noticed in all the scary and beautiful sounds of the night? Have you ever wondered why your hair looks funny after sleeping? And where one of your socks go all the time? Well, it appears that night is controlled by magical creatures!

Little orphan boy named Tim discovers secret life of Nocturna and at the end becomes brave saviour of the night world and of his own fears.

It reminded me about myself visiting grandparents in village, laying under stars on the silent summer night, listening to my grandmother's fairytales and fantasizing how I fly around and see all the magic others can't see.

This animation is original and full of fantasy, it is absolutely charming!

Howl's moving castle
Hayao Miyazaki

Well, this one is one of masterpieces of the greatest anime director ever - Hayao Miyazaki. “Spirited away”, “My neighbor Totoro”, “Kiki's delivery service”, etc. You have to know what this guy is creating! So, it is pretty difficult to choose the favorite one, I just closed my eyes and picked this one :)

“Howl's moving castle” is about love between young girl Sopie cursed to be ugly old hug and handsome wizard Howl. The main thing I love about this movie is that it draws you into the world full of beautiful landscapes, flying machines, strong characters and beautiful stories. It seems that you can feel fresh mountain's air and silky green grass and touch the clouds.

Even though the plot is quite classical and is made from stories we heard million times, Miyazaki as true artist makes them intriguing and visually creative.


Michael Arias

I wouldn never call this anime a fairy tale. It is closer to real life like any of movies in this list. Tekkonkinkreet is a moralistic story with a blend of violence and crime, humor and fantasy.

The story of two homeless brothers called Black and White touches everlasting topic of struggle between light and dark, night and day. This anime is very strong emotionally, because it is about people who live on the edge of life and death all the time, about street children defending their city from adults, desiring money and power, killing everything on their way.

Tekkonkinkreet shows power of brotherhood and unstoppable believing in Good, which reminds us to never give up.

 Hedgehog in the fog
Uriy Norshteyn

It is absolutely adorable and freakingly weird at the same time, that is why, I guess, it is one of my favorites from childhood.
On the way to the Bear friend little Hedgehog gets lost in the fog where everything is scary and mysterious. The picture, music and narration makes this small movie very lyrical and touching.
 And, as wikipedia says: Hayao Miyazaki considers Yuriy Norshteyn "a great artist" and cited Hedgehog in the Fog as one of his favorite animated films!

Adorable несуразній еж

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