quarta-feira, agosto 02, 2017

Workcamp "Set the Party". Day 10.

Sziasztok! Cze! Hello there!

We are Bori from Hungary and Natalia from Poland.  Do you want to hear about how we spent our recent Tuesday? Because we are going to tell you anyway ;)

It was a special day. During the day we could only think about one thing – the Intercultural Night, which took place in Rota Jovem that evening. But first we had to focus on our job, we managed to put the first layer on most of the benches. Believe or not, it took the whole day to do it. We finished the work at 4 o’clock, and then started preparing for the night. Everyone brought some special thing from their country. 

At the beginning we had a unique dinner prepared by the parents of the participnts in the exchange Cascais-Biarritz, who joined us for this evening. We tried some typical Portuguese dishes and we also had barbecue and a table full of national food and snacks from each country. After dinner we had a karaoke all together and then everyone showed a little bit of their culture. Some people sang, others shared some snacks and we enjoyed the night. (Except Bori and Catarina, who had to go to hospital because of Bori’s leg L But don’t worry, she is fine).

We must say that it was a good day, but now let’s move on to the next day!

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