quarta-feira, agosto 02, 2017

Workcamps "Set the Party". Day 9.

Hi there! We are Hanna from Poland and Aleksandra from Macedonia. We are very happy to tell you about the first working day after our great weekend!

Even though we enjoyed our free time during the last two days, we couldn’t wait to come back to work! As always, we started with a delicious breakfast so we had strength for the whole day. After arriving to the neighbourhood we gathered for the morning focus to free our minds from negativity and to have a productive day. Later we had a short tour to check what we have done so far and what is left for us to do - don’t worry, we are sure we will finish on time!

As usual, we divided our work into groups. Our tasks for the day were painting the metal parts of the tables and benches, treating the new wood, measuring wood for drilling the holes. Also, we had a guest, the local artist, who came to paint the flags of our countries to leave a mark of what we are doing for this project. Obviously, we didn’t leave him alone with all the work, we rotated in groups of four people so we could all help and have fun, of course. Beside that, we had another guest, Fran who came to take some pictures of us for his own project. 

At midday, we went to our favorite restaurant to have a lovely lunch. As always, we had a difficult choice of dishes and desserts because all of them are very tasty. After the lunch break we went back to continue our work. We finished painting the metal and treating wood. Before leaving Trajouce, we did the planning for the upcoming day. 

Most of us spent the evening in Lisbon where we had take away food and went to a view point to eat it while listening to Portuguese live music and admiring the sight of the city.
We enjoyed sharing our day with you. We are looking forward for you to read about our next days. Ciao!

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