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My Leonardo da Vinci project on the Museum of Tiles

A Letizia está a terminar o seu projeto de estágio no Museu Nacional do Azulejo e não podia deixar de contar a sua experiência:

When I saw this museum for the first time I was shocked and just though - "really, this beautiful place is my workplace?" 
The Museum is full of History and Portuguese culture, since the art of tiles (following how they are done) is a really identity of Portugal anywhere.
In fact, you can easily find a lot of tiles everywhere in Portugal and they can catch your eye in churches, on the walls of singular and significant houses, at train stations but also on subway stations. They follow the History of Portugal and any pattern tells us different stories. Of course that at the Museum, the tiles I work with are more ancient and more particular. 

The main part of my internship is connected with educational services, so I work closely with children at some workshops. I am responsible for preparing many materials for that workshops. As an example, I can tell you about the maiolic technique I made  - first the drawing and then the holes, after that, the childreen can take down this drawing thanksgiving with the black powder, then they color the drowing and after the final touches, we will be able to see nice "azulejos".

A few weeks after starting my internship, I also had the responsibility of thinking about the development of other activities and to help with some activities related with one fairytale about fish. During this workshop, my tutor would tell a story to the participants, while I speak as a little fish to make the children happy. After, the children are taught how to make the same sounds and how to make origami shapes from it. It's a nice activity and those with kids are all invited to appear! 

Since other of my tasks allowed me to follow a lot of groups visiting the Museum, I've learned a lot about the history of "azulejos" and it's connection with the Portuguese culture and language. In other hand, when we had Italian groups coming to visit the Museum, I has the opportunity to be the group guide in some parts of the Museum.

Leonardo da Vinci mobility project - Project “TILE- Tools for the ceramic district by International training and Learning on the job in Europe G85113000130006” rif.  2013-1-IT1-LEO02-03952

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