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Arrotante do Momento: fiquem a conhecer o Gerd!!

Olá malta! Fiquem a conhecer o Gert. Até Maio podes contar com a sua presença na Rota Jovem, Ele está a executar um projeto de Job Shadowing para aprender tudo o que pode sobre as experiências que realizamos cá, e levar uma mala cheia de aprendizagens de volta para a República Checa!

I am coming from the Czech Republic, from "the heart of Europe“. I live in a small town called Nachod, near Poland and surrounded by mountains and sandstone rocks. I work as a leisure time pedagogue in the leisure time centre called Déčko Náchod. I am responsible for Hiking and Sports Department, for the outdoor activities and for the adaptation of programs to elementary schools and high schools.
I am a leader of children and youth clubs focused on tourism, hiking, sports, experiential games, motion games, children and youth shooting activities, snowboard and skiing. I am also responsible for Youth Club and Youth Information Center where we provide information about education, organize events in free time and regional and international activities for all visitors. 

All participants coming can also use internet, play X-box, try laser shooting range and play many different desk games there. Because of the computers, many clubs focused on making videos and graphics are placed here. This is also the place where we prepare different kinds of seminars, workshops and trainings.
I am also the chairman and the manager of the children organization called Duha Bartonka which prepares the educational activities, outdoor and experiential weekends, trainings for external pedagogic workers and also cooperates on preparing the summer camps with Decko Nachod.
I am also a ski, snowboard, canoeing and climbing instructor. I have been educated in many accredited trainings as sports and regeneration massage, low and high rope bridges, the main leader for children and youth camps.
All my activities and programs are supported by well experienced and educated team of volunteers, external pedagogue trainers and friends.
I organize many different types of activities as all types of children and youth camps, workshops, team building events, adaptation activities, activities focused on climbing, canoeing, winter sports, untraditional sports and activites, educational trainings for youth volunteers, energizers and games events.
I can say that my work is my hobby. I like skiing, snowboarding, canoeing, climbing, rope programs, hiking, ferratas, music, taking pictures, drawing, playing guitar and cooking. I am the father of two beautiful children who like being part of all my activities.
I decided to join the offer of training fellowship because of two reasons. The first one is to improve my english skills. I have found out that this is the only way for me to study english – it only means that I am in a different place from where I come, and I have to try my best. Nobody speaks Czech here! :)
The second reason is to get to know something new, gain new experiences, new energy, new motivation and ideas.  Because I have been working as a pedagogue for twenty years I would like to know different ways of work with children and youth in another country. I would like to collect many skills and experiences to share with children and youth in my organization, as well as in Rota Jovem.
I am writing a blog about the time spending and working here: go check fantasticne.blog.cz! I am also posting pictures about my new "home"!

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