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O "Até Já" da Roxana: "A story of two experience in one. A path of growing."

Mais uma experiência SVE que chega ao fim! A Roxana gostou muito da sua experiência em Portugal! Apesar de ter vivenciados todos os altos e baixos que correspondem a uma dinâmica intercultural tão intensa como a fornecida nesta Ação do Programa Juventude em Ação, no fim de tantos meses de aventuras o saldo não podia deixar de ser positivo. Leiam mais em seguida:

 "I remember I was so excited and anxious for my next moving in Portugal for so long time!! And now, after the end of the project, I take some time to think about: I feel not different but sure richer, with a different perspective about being European citizen, about relationships and myself. Unforgettable and intense are some of the words that I can fish from my mind.  Also difficult and complicated, indeed, I couldn't get yet the reason why some things happened.

I know more myself, something new is disclosed to me about myself, and fears, limits and resources and I learned to protect myself from unusual things and discussion. I had the fear not to enjoy enough the possibilities; I have thought it was easier to adapt myself that things came by themselves. For two times, I was almost to drop out of the project, something said me that I wanted to managed it and I just found a solution. So I said to myself to rest easy about and enjoying the present!

Everyone faces his EVS experiences in a different way and with the tools they own in that moment, and sure in the end I own more of those tools. In the beginning I couldn't image how complicated could be live in another country, I mix it up a lot of time!  I wonder why a lot of things, but to the question: if you could, would you repeat this experience? The answer is SIMMMMM. 

I attended in the first month the language class, then I start this adventure, and when the project went closed in the end of summer, I came back in Lisbon. It was a project that I chose also because it had the swifts departure and when I read that project in Cabeça Gorda I was pretty aware about limited possibilities of a small village, in the movements for example, and how wary a little village could let new people in, but I considered they were used to have European volunteers, but I wanted to try.
Alentejo's experience left me good memories. My house was often full of children, the neighbors took a lot of care of me, in the end I was just starting to be part of them. I went to the seaside with new people known there, made shopping and had nice talk. I have learned to project different activities with them, mostly based on recycling materials (this was the general project), and different games especially with water both in the swimming pool and in the big school where we had a lot of space. I like a lot those children and was one of the reasons for not give up. Two ideas had a big success, making wallet with fruit juice box and making colored butterfly to decorate the walls of the associations. 

The general experience was also quite tough because of the association, the biggest misunderstanding we had was about the things we were supposed to do: responsibilities in taking care of the children, the material things we had for making activities and the accommodation. Some months later, I had the possibility to talk about this in coordinating association and it was a constructive chat because it made me more clear the things. I had a nice summer with a lot of good time with the children and with new people. I learned Portuguese fast and a I got warm welcome from the people that lived there. But the proposal of a new project in Lisbon was irresistible for me. 

In Lisbon, I met my new tutor, Conceição who introduced me to the ALEM. This association works with 5 other institutions: I chose to do make my volunteering activity in Liga and A.P.I.A. 

The first one is a big association born to house people with neural diseases and deficiency where they spent the day in different activities according with their faculties and medical needs trying to gain more autonomy and mantain their physical condition.

 The second APIA is a nursery in the highest neighborhood of Lisbon. It was an abandoned house occupied in the 70's by parents that need a place where someone could babysit their children during working times. Each turned shift from work and made artistic activity with the children. Now is a nursery dedicated to artistic, plastic, and theatric activities, with children from 6 months to 6 years, before school starts.

I stayed for the most part with the little children from 1 to 2 years helping teacher during some activity, like introduction to music and theatre, gym and playing with them in other times. What I really liked to learn to managed a group of so little children, and see them growing up. They changed a lot in five months, gained new relational and practical abilities. It was really a joy when they all run at me, and huge me and leave me to help them to eat and put in bed to rest up after lunch.

In the LIGA I felt really comfortable, it was so difficult to say goodbye. I received so much from all them, that i couldn't pay back enough. I learn from the humanity of all them, workers and customers. That was unexpected to me also if I had already other experience in volunteering work with people with reduced ability, and I'm continuing to do this, after my coming back in Italy. In this time I lived the everyday life with them, known them so closely.

I make some activities with them like preparing pizza, or tiramisu an Italian cake with coffee and biscuit. I had a little group with whom make artistic sedimentation. In the beginning wasn't so natural because I felt so sorry for them, but then I focused on their genuineness and vital force and who they are now not more what they could be without their reduced ability.

They are so friendly each other, comprehensive and curious about you and all the things you want to say. They are people that want to learn, grow up, love, have friends, spend good time and enjoying life.
I wanted to conclude with something so simple that I flatty realized: there isn't real trip, if you live it for yourself."


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