terça-feira, fevereiro 11, 2014

See you soon Thomas! - "Sweet Sweet Portugal"

O Thomas terminou o seu projeto na Rota Jovem há dias e já está com saudades! Como é que foi a sua experiência em Portugal? Descobre em baixo ;)

"One of my life’s passions is to travel, but somehow I missed something. Every time that I discovered a new country I wasn’t fulfilled. In fact, less than one month wasn’t enough for me to get printed by the smells, colors and sounds. Those, which, after leaving remained chimerical. Moreover, as a tourist, I’ve been tired that people mainly get in touch in order to get something from me… A thing that didn’t happened in Portugal.
Before I came, I didn’t have any idea about EVS project more than the weird concept of being a volunteer in a foreign country. Anyway, because I had been charmed by this exiting feeling of adventure, I jumped in!

For nine month I’ve been strolling around, meeting people and acting for the local society. This was the thing I was looking for this long; feeling integrated in the culture. My nose is now delighted by iodine and codfish flavor; my eyes are enlightened from the monochrome’s blue lights and my ears are modulating along with the “Fado’s Saudade” waves.


  What I experimented was amazing, my French daily life’s routine, as a protective bubble, just explodes. Thus, it gave me the opportunity to feel really free. I got to know myself in a whole new context where neither beliefs nor judgments were limiting. Every single choice was mine and I was really conscious about that. So, I dived into this unknown everything to find Life itself. My path…"



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